About us

After museums & traditional art galleries, Street Art, fine Art Photography and Contemporary art as a whole is now moving to the most fashionable places. Strip Art provides to all its graphical references and aims to spotlight them online but also onsite (in our dedicated showroom) pieces of art.

New Generation of Art Gallery created by three passionate and driven by one goal, share with you our common passion. Strip Art is a dynamic and friendly space where you can access to our exclusive partnerships with renowned artists and tomorrow's talent rising stars.

Art is open to all, you can acquire some art according to your desires and budget.

Strip art stores a large amount of pieces selected with our best care. In today’s financial turmoil these pieces can be either a potential investment or more simply an envy to possess and display as a collector or an amateur. Focusing on quality, Street Art sells only unique pieces or limited editions made in the rules of art.

With Strip Art, Art unfolds itself

Strip Art maintains a close and followed relationship with a selection of renowned and emerging artists. We regularly organises exhibitions and events in exceptional places to enable creations of revealing their secrets.


Certificate of Authenticity

Guarantee of originality, all our prints are supplied with a biography of the artist and a certificate of authenticity detailing the serial's number and the total original prints made.