Prints & Frames


Strip Art uses two distinctive printing techniques.

Medium size scales

We conduct Durst Lambda prints on high standard qualitysilver paper such as Kodak Endura or Fuji. Depending on the type of work and close advice from our artists we are also use glossy paper, either Glossed or Satined.

Large Size scales

For large scales Strip art uses pigment inkjet on high quality Glossy, Pearl, Iridescent or Barite surface paper after taking under account artist recommendations. For a plexicollage finish, prints are processed on silver halide photographic print materials.
To serve the best artistic intent with the best look and feel, all our prints are processed under the strict control of the artist.



For simple frames stock print is layed in the frame and protected by a glass plate.

Strip Art offers several types of frames:
Brown wood, clear or aluminum. The work is made by laying a mat arround which can be customised in white, gray or black.

American box

We also propose so called “American box” frames for medium and large size prints. Today largely spread and commonly seen as the best display for contemporary art creations the approach provides a rebated profile allows (ultimately) for mitered (rather than butted) corners, which gives it a much more elegant look.
Set of proposed colors are white wood; ash dark and wengé.


Strip Art propose two types of laminating :

Aluminum or Dibond laminating

Perfect for preserving your photographs against aging damages the Dibon is a thin composite material where to layers of aluminum are pressed together around a polyethylene hart. Being no more than 2mm thick Dibon allows a better support and display of the art piece. Dibon is stainless, rot proof, corrosion and UV resistant.


Plexicollage is a high standard process well spread in art galleries and museums. First, it follows the Dibond laminating step (2mm thick). Second, result is then laminated between a 4mm thick acrylic glass by using a PH free liquid glue. Result, the process will protect and moreover provide color brightness; deepness and glossy effect.
Plexicollage includes a UV free filter protecting your piece of art from moist and light.


All works come with a backboards and back ties to allow you to simply hang your artwork on your wall.